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Beginners Easy Sewing Ladies Boxer Shorts

Hello Everyone. This is my easy way of sewing a Ladies boxer shorts.

Here are the materials :

The Pattern

the pattern

The Materials


Fabric ( 1/2 yard will do ) , Scissors, Tape measure and Pearl head pins


Pin the pattern ( face1 )


Cut face1


Then flip the Pattern..Pin Face2


….Then Cut

I have read once that..” do not sew if you do not want to iron”.  So please iron the fabric before sewing the edges / the hems.

Pin Face1 and Face2 ( the wrong side ) get it ready for serging

First serge the hems separately  , then the  waistline ( separately ), then serge all the way to both of the crotches of face1 and face2,   in the serger machine to prevent the fabric from unravelling. If you do not have a serger. You can always  fold and sew.

Here, finished serging the edges 🙂
I still sew the edges in the sewing machine. For extra hold and durability.

WP_20160307_08_51_19_ProMeasure your waisline or hipline on your desired tightness or comfortability. And add a 1″ allowance to sew on both ends. Divide the elastic into 4, because the shorts have 4  divisions kindly see the picture.

Start sewing the top most elastic, point1 stretching it to point2 and so on. Sew on the two ends of the elastic.  Enclose it and sew again, so the elastic won’t show.

This is our finish Ladies Boxer Shorts. Best fits 25″-32″ hiplines.

I made several boxers. You can sew on lace or bias on the hem/s. And sew on buttons or ribbons for design to indicate the front of the shorts and for design purposes.

Thank you for viewing my Shorts Tutorial 🙂